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Cryotherapy Continues To Gain Popularity In The 21st Century

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Cryotherapy is a treatment that continues to rapidly gain popularity. It’s emotional and physiological benefits have made it popular among professional athletes, celebrities, and wellness-conscious individuals over the years. Although the practice of using the extreme cold as a treatment dates back to 2500 BC with the Ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians, cryotherapy is still going strong today.

One of the reasons why cryotherapy is proving to be popular in the 21st century is because it eliminates a variety of post-workout treatment options. This means cryotherapy is designed to cater to many needs, eliminating the need for multiple techniques and treatments for various aims, like an ice bath.

If you’re searching for a natural way to boost your health, cryotherapy may do the trick. This goes far beyond the food you consume and the lifestyle you lead. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an important factor for general wellbeing and to keep your body functioning at an optimum level.

A common misconception about cryotherapy, in regards to recovery, is that it can only help those athletes who are suffering from an injury. This is not the case, because cryotherapy is soaring in popularity because it assists in numerous factors.

For example, you may exercise regularly and have an injury, you might be going through post-surgery rehab or you could even just be severely jetlagged. Cryotherapy sessions can help you to speed up muscle repair which allows you to achieve your peak performance and goals.

It’s now widely accepted as a rehabilitation method if you’re recovering from injury and is beneficial in speeding up muscle recovery after exercise.

The popularity of this treatment comes down to how it works. Cryotherapy exposes your body to extremely cold temperatures for a short period of time to slow down the nerve transmission of pain to your brain. This increases norepinephrine levels and reduces inflammation. All of these responses work in combination to relieve the intensity and frequency of pain you’re suffering.

There are several high-profile key influencers from the world of sports who document their use of cryotherapy. In a world where technology rapidly advances, the continued use of cryotherapy shows just how popular it remains with professional athletes discovering if it’s the best treatment to decrease recovery time and enhance athletic performance.

Two of the biggest influencers today include NBA MVP and Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, along with soccer superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese soccer star relies on cryotherapy to such an extent that he has had his own chamber installed in his home. Ronaldo - who’s following in the footsteps of fellow Real Madrid legend Raul who ALSO had a cryotherapy chamber installed in his home - undergoes two three-minute sessions per week.

In the NBA, living-legend LeBron James relies on cryotherapy. This treatment is highly beneficial to those in the NBA because of their grueling schedules. Elite NBA athletes like James can be in high-intensity games four times a week, for example. With his schedule and the need to regularly perform at his best, nagging injuries can occur throughout the season. These smaller injuries build up over time and can end up having a much bigger impact. Cryotherapy activates an essential nervous system response which helps their bodies heal more efficiently and function a lot better.

At CryoBuilt, we have successfully built chambers for professional sports teams including the Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, Sacramento Kings, Atlanta Hawks, Los Angeles Lakers, Detroit Pistons, and The Detroit Red Wings.

With more people looking for ways to boost their health naturally and maintain their overall wellness, cryotherapy is quickly becoming a key part of daily and weekly routines. Our EVEREST line is officially out for purchase! EVEREST is the newest line of cutting edge fully electric cryotherapy systems from CryoBuilt. CryoBuilt is the leader in electric cryotherapy manufacturing & research in the USA.

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