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Why Wellness/Fitness Centers Love Electric Cryotherapy

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Chamber Self Starting & operating

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The beauty of Everest chamber is that it is an automated machine. Owners can schedule the start times and closing times of their chambers ahead of time according to their business schedules. These units are built so that it only takes about an hour to cool down to the low temperature, so generally customers will schedule for their chambers to start up around an hour before their business opens up. Once your business closes and you’re done running sessions, the chamber will shut off at it’s scheduled time and run itself through a defrost cycle overnight, helping keep your chamber clean and ready to go for the next day. Keeping chamber maintenance low, and making this one less thing you will have to worry about each day!

Safe & Easy to operate (No Certifications Necessary!)

When we created the EVEREST line of chambers, we wanted them to be easy to operate and as safe as possible! With this, we offer an online training for chamber owners and staff, and will walk you through how to operate it once it has been installed, but outside of this there is no formal certification or instruction required. Our chambers come with safety features built in, as well as a simple application for operating, making it as user friendly as possible! This also allows businesses the option to have their customers operate the chamber on their own once they feel comfortable with doing so.

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Quick sessions

Another upside to having an electric chamber is how quick the sessions are. With the chamber running and ready to go all day, businesses have the ability to get their customers in and out in about 15 minutes! This is beneficial to both the store owners and their clients. With the ease of operation, it keeps the service quick and straightforward for the client and allows them to squeeze it in their schedule. For the business, the quick sessions gives them the opportunity to have a high volume Cryo clients throughout the day, and a higher volume means more revenue, and more revenue is always the goal!

Low operating costs

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Electric chambers may cost you a bit more up front but the price of using a chamber is much cheaper than a typical nitrogen chamber. With a runtime of about 10 hrs a day, an average day will only cost you $8 - $10 in electricity costs. This is regardless of how many sessions you’ve run in a single day, as there is no fixed cost per session! Having the capacity to run the chamber all day at a low cost and get as many customers in the chamber are all factors that can lead to a quick ROI for your business! Read more about how to save money by switching over to Electric Cryotherapy here.

Can fit Multiple people

Another plus side to electric cryotherapy chambers, is being able to partner up inside the Cryo chamber, allowing customers the ability to enjoy their cryotherapy session with a friend! This means more people being able to use the chamber throughout the day which is a great business opportunity for more customers. And not to worry, we have seen similar temperature drops in couples when using the chamber together as well, given that the door opening and closing time is fast.

Personalizable factor

Something that may entice your customers to want to try a cryotherapy session and make them want to come back for more, is the personalization feature of the chamber. The CryoBuilt app lets the customer pick their Cryo level for comfort, the amount of time they go into the chamber for (max is 3min 30sec), a light color that counts down as the session progresses, and lastly can pick their tunes to enjoy during their session. A cryotherapy session in our EVEREST chamber is basically a silent disco machine or a cold karaoke bar, whatever sounds more pleasing to you!

Protect CryoBuilt

Lastly once you invest in a CryoBuilt product, you will get a peace of mind knowing your chamber is covered in full, with our PROTECT Warranty. CryoBuilt’s tech support will remotely monitor your chamber 24/7 and any replacement parts needed will be shipped overnight, as well as cover any onsite labor needed. Also CryoBuilt has a network of trained professional technicians nationwide who will come to service the chamber to maintain upkeep or fix any issues that may arise. In addition to all of these benefits, businesses will also be able to receive Sales and Marketing Consulting from Shark Tank’s Skyler Scarlett. Skyler has worked with 50 different cryotherapy owners across the world to help them find success in the cryotherapy industry. We keep you covered, and want to ensure that you have the best experience possible with our electric whole body cryotherapy chambers!

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