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How to Save Money Monthly by Switching to Electric Cryotherapy Chambers

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

When adding cryotherapy to your business you know it will be an investment, but at the top of mind is of course, return on that investment. In recent cryotherapy trends, we are seeing a lot of people in the market convert from owning a nitrogen cryotherapy chamber, to an electric cryotherapy chamber. There are a few common reasons for this trend but the main reason we are acquiring previous nitrogen cryo customers is due to monthly costs to run and maintain a nitrogen unit.

With Nitrogen Tanks you’ll have a hefty nitrogen invoice waiting for you monthly. With an Electric Chamber all that is needed to be considered is the cost of your electricity bill. Though electric chambers will have a higher upfront cost, the cost on a daily basis with 10 hour run time will be $8 to $10. The expenses associated with Nitrogen chambers go up to $3-$6k monthly whereas for Electric Cryotherapy chambers regardless of the amount of uses you will only have to worry about the $200-$300/monthly on electricity bills coupled with your possible leasing fees/insurance fees. With this profit margin for electric cryotherapy chambers, it will be much easier to scale as your business grows without any extra headaches.

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Now it’s good to keep in mind these prices may vary based on your locations, but the average cost of liquid nitrogen dewar is $60 a month to rent and it will cost about $150-$150 per refill of these tanks. Each tank will last you about 25-30 sessions. Any session lasting between one to three minutes will cost you about $5 worth of liquid nitrogen. If you average around 7 sessions a day, it would mean you would need to refill your dewars almost every week. It’s advised to abandon the last ten 10% of gas from each cylinder because it may contain desorbed impurities. Due to the effects of differential pressure it is almost impossible to completely empty a gas cylinder in other words, around 10% or more of the gas becomes inaccessible. In a 9000 liter cylinder more than 900 litres that one is paying for they will not be using. This can add up to an extremely high price throughout the year.

It’s also good to note that the first cooldown of the nitrogen chamber takes the longest time of the day and is also the process in which you use up the most nitrogen. In order to reach the optimum pressure and transfer all of the nitrogen into the chamber with all of your components also reaching -320 F. On top of that, with nitrogen it is optimal to do subsequent sessions rather than spacing them out. This may affect your business as clients who aren’t grouped up together may have a different cryotherapy experience than one who didn’t. Because the cooling down process uses up the most nitrogen, having to cool down multiple times a day means an abundance of nitrogen will be used that day increasing your cost per usage.

Electric chambers on the other hand may cost you more up front but it will only cost you an average of $8 - $10/daily with a runtime of about 10hrs a day regardless of the amount of sessions ran that day. There is no fixed cost per session which means your only monthly cost will be the added costs onto the electricity bill. And because this cost is minimal, you can easily make it up in a short period of time with your cryo offerings! Not having that cost per session associated with your chamber will also give you the flexibility when it comes to pricing your cryotherapy sessions and membership, and running specials.

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Another benefit to our electrical chambers is you have the ability to have 2 (or more depending on the chamber you have) people per session which can allow for more customers and profit throughout the day. Having the capacity to run the chamber all day at a low cost and get as many customers in the chamber as possible are all factors that can lead to a quick ROI for your business. It is no secret that there will be some maintenance with a cryotherapy chamber, but with CryoBuilt and our PROTECT warranty, you won't have to worry about additional costs associated with this. This is a gold standard program that covers all expenses and care for your electric cryotherapy system, bumper to bumper.

Also, because your monthly cost will stay consistent it may be optimal to scale your business and invest in another chamber to increase the amount of customers that can use it at a time. The brilliant thing about Everest Cryotherapy Chambers is that they are modular and you can later upgrade your chamber to house another chamber box and host even more customers at one time with the low operating costs.

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Though the cost of nitrogen chambers may be cheaper initially, with the loss of nitrogen gases and costs of refilling nitrogen it will accumulate to a high amount and will increase simultaneously as customers increase. With the factor of disappearing nitrogen, the already given costs of nitrogen tanks, telemetry costs, delivery fees, fuel surcharges, environmental fees, nitrogen chamber insurance and storage permits replacing the nitrogen system with an electric system will be much more cost beneficial for a business owner. Owning an Electric Chamber would be a frictionless process month to month for an owner. After install the main cost for the electric chambers would be to pay your electric bill along with your normal leasing and or insurance payments.

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