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Common Cryotherapy Myths

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Myth 1: Cryotherapy is only for trained athletes.

Truth: Yes, many professional sport teams and athletes (Ex. Lebron James, Michael Phelphs, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Dallas Cowboys, etc.) take advantage of the increased recovery time cryotherapy brings. But cryotherapy is not an exclusive treatment that's only meant for athletes.

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Cryotherapy can help speed recovery after workouts for everyone. The benefits of cryotherapy extend beyond improving athletic recovery. It is also one of the best ways to reduce inflammation and symptoms associated with many health conditions, like migraines, nerve irritation, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, anxiety and depression, and arthritis. Cryotherapy can also help improve the look of your skin through helping blood circulation and helping draining the lymphatic system as well as boosting your weight loss by boosting your metabolism overall. Though it may seem cryotherapy is out of reach to many, Cryotherapy is becoming more and more popular across the US and can be found in most cities!

Myth 2: Cryotherapy hurts.

Truth: Is it really cold? Yes. Does it hurt? No

CryoTherapy can actually be a luxurious cold therapy experience! And much more comfortable than your average ice bath, as it is a dry cold.

CryoBuilt recommends you only use the chamber for 3:30 minutes. When exposed to such cool temperatures your body goes into a fight or flight state. This triggers that euphoric feeling when you finish it and also helps your body burn fats. Your body will use up fats to try to keep your body warm, hence burning off your calories.

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Myth 3: Cryotherapy is dangerous.

Truth: Inside CryoBuilt electric chambers each time a person enters the chamber fresh air is introduced into the space. The air inside in fact is more dense which allows users to get a higher oxygen content with a higher concentration of breathable air. With Nitrogen cryotherapy chambers, the worry was accidentally inhaling harmful nitrogen gases. With Electric chambers there are no dangers with breathable air.

Also, Everest chambers are designed with safety as the highest priority, there are many systemic decisions we have made in order to ensure the safety of all of the users. Immediately after session time is up, the chamber’s safety timer will kick on. This safety timer will need to be pressed off in the app once the person has stepped out of the chamber. If the safety timer button is not pressed off after the timer runs out, an alarm will go off and the chamber will completely shut off and ambient air will be pushed into the chamber to heat the chamber back up. The alarm will continue to sound until it has been taken care of. This safety feature ensures that no one can be in the chamber for more than the safe amount of time allowed.

Myth 4: There's no evidence to support cryotherapy.

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Truth: There have been multiple studies showing that whole body cryotherapy and cold therapy has many health benefits for users.

Studies have shown how exposure to lower temperatures make our bodies produce brown fats which in return help us maintain a higher metabolism.

Over time this helps our body burn more calories during activity as well as during rest. Also benefit from cryotherapy is the reduced inflammation through decreasing the macrophage infiltration and the accumulation of the inflammatory key markers. A study in the Institute of Rheumatology in Warsaw also showed that patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis showed lower RA histamine who regularly used cryotherapy versus those that only did physical therapy. ()

These and many other benefits like reducing anxiety and depression and also helping prevent dementia have been tested with cryotherapy. We have a blog post directed towards creating

Myth 5: Cryotherapy is a fad.

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Truth: Whole Body Cryotherapy as we know it now has been around since 1978, and has since been researched and improved upon dramatically over the years. Cold therapy overall has been around since 400 BC, even then cryotherapy was used to treat inflammation and to treat swelling and pain. It is quite a long lasting fad if it is the case. As you may also remember cold therapy was a school nurses’ favorite prescription for their students.

The first cryotherapy chamber was invented by Dr. Toshima Yamauchi, with the idea of seeking treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and that idea has progressed and evolved far with whole body cryotherapy machines. With the pace of electronics moving so quickly in this climate, the cryotherapy industry has also progressed to New Electric state of the art cryotherapy systems. These machines have progressed from systems which exposed users to nitrogen with partial body cryotherapy to full whole body electric chambers with fully breathable air. As is the case with most industries, cryotherapy is also moving into the future and electric systems are the imminent truth. Cryotherapy is here to stay and it is more accessible than ever!

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