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What is Whole Body Cryotherapy?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Whole body cryotherapy, which essentially can be recognized as “cold treatment” is a treatment that exposes the whole body to below freezing temperatures (-130 to -160) for around 3min & 30seconds.

The idea of cold therapy has been around for centuries with plenty of research behind it, and whole body cryotherapy treatment is able to produce some of the same effects.

So what exactly happens with cryotherapy? What are the physiological effects of whole body cryotherapy?

From a review of several studies, there are two very obvious responses in the body when “cold shock” or in this case cryotherapy sends distress signals to the brain. First there is a CNS reaction where the hypothalamus directs the endocrine system to release endorphins in large amounts quickly. In addition to this, a cold shock protein known as norepinephrine is released in the brain at twice the average producing levels. This cold shock protein is a strong anti-inflammatory protein which prevents the inflammatory response that responds to injury and foreign bodies.

When your skin is exposed to extreme temperature change, the brain senses rapid heat transfer and then creates a sympathetic reaction with circulation. Your blood then pulls from your extremities to the core to protect from heat transfer, which occurs about 30-seconds to one minute into exposure. When blood pooling in the core takes place, blood oxygenates and is enriched with nutrients. When you exit the chamber and your skin temperature rapidly rewarms, your brain releases the blood supply back to the extremities at an increased blood flow level. This process flushes areas of injury of any toxic waste and bad cells and then replenishes them with healthy blood that promotes cell restoration.

If this hasn't convinced you yet, try to think of it in terms of how it could benefit you.

Our bodies can be amazing in healing itself, however with injuries, whole body inflammation and chronic conditions, sometimes these efficiencies tend to break down. To assist in this process “cold shock” or again in this case cryotherapy can help reset your system and produce a surplus of efficient and productive hormones and proteins to do their jobs. There are many positive effects when the body is circulating at a very high productive level with full transport and delivery to all extremities!

You may have noticed that beyond the physiological effects of whole body cryotherapy, there are many claims out there when it comes to the benefits of the treatment. When evaluating these claims it should be noted that while there may be some research, and some may experience these benefits they have not yet been confirmed by the FDA.

The major benefit claims are:

Pain relief and muscle healing

Support weight loss

Reduces migraine symptoms

Numbs nerve irritation

Helps treat mood disorders

Reduces arthritic pain

May help treat low-risk tumors

May help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Treats atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions

We do know that whole body cryotherapy can have some beneficial results when it comes to health and wellness, however we cannot claim these for certain with our chambers at CryoBuilt. We strive to produce an effective and safe product and we let the effects, whether they may be physical or psychological, speak for themselves!

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