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Social Media Tips & Tricks for Marketing Your Cryotherapy Business Pt. 2

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Once you have established the right social media platform for your cryotherapy business, created your content and started to build your online brand with posting, then there are a few more marketing strategies you may want to consider next…

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If you didn't get a chance to read Pt. 1 of our blog, click here to check it out before moving forward with this one.

Marketing Funnel Content Posting

For any customer orientated field, most clients will be in different stages of their customer journey and the goal would be to market your business to each of these stages. A good way to visualize this is by following a marketing funnel. Your marketing funnel is what takes a potential customer through the journey from discovering your business, all the way to purchasing your products on a regular basis. It takes your customers from the first point of hearing about you (e.g. through your social media) and takes them through all the steps until they become frequent buyers of your products. Some of your customers may just be in the awareness stage, getting introduced to your product, while others may be in the conversion stage and moving to the advocacy stage, meaning they are already your customer and can be an advocate for your business. The goal is to push your customers to the next stage and ideally create long term customers who advocate for your business or product. Each stage is a different part in the life of a customer and they move down the funnel through the stages until they become customers and advocates. As a business, if we create content and posts directed to people while they're in their respective stages then we can find more success in our marketing efforts online.

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For example the awareness stage focuses on creating posts that educate customers about cryotherapy or another modality of your business. For customers in later stages it usually means they are already in the market for cryotherapy sessions but are differentiating on which center they want to give their money to. Creating posts regarding prices or extra perks that your business offers can be convincing to those considering. For those in the Bottom of the Funnel who already are your customer, a next step in their funnel would be to make them into advocates. Making Referral Reward type campaigns through social media or offering free sessions for creating posts on their pages describing their experience can be gold for Social Media Growth.

Looking for a way to ensure your content reaches more potential customers? If your budget permits, paid ads on Social Media can also be effective to improve awareness. Paid ads typically charge you based on a certain amount of clicks you’ll receive on your content or even just getting a certain amount of eyes (impressions) on your content. The process of using Paid Ads will be quite self explanatory but in terms of the type of content to use, the previously mentioned methods should work well.

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Social Media Campaigns

Networking with influencers that dominate your niche in the area can be very helpful in increasing awareness and conversions. Reaching out to influencers in the area and offering them free sessions or paying them for sharing about their honest experiences can go a long way. Even if their reviews may have a little criticism it will show their audiences that they are being genuine, which is more enticing than fake reviews

(TIP: Determining the influencers that are best for your business doesn't necessarily mean they have millions of followers. Those with low follower count but with high engagement rates that fit your audience can be a stronger influence for your business than ones with just high follower counts.)

Engaging with potential customers can also go a long way to humanize your brand and make it seem approachable. Commenting and liking on past customers posts, or potentially inviting customers to your place can also get more traffic. This may seem a bit tedious but engaging with your customers is crucial to the use of social media.

For campaigns directed at people closer to conversion, it's likely they have done their research about cryotherapy and about nearby cryotherapy locations. At this point your goal should be to stand out from your competitors. They are on the verge of being a cryotherapy customer but what's gonna push them over the hump to be your customer? It could be the price, the types of modalities you offer and even what your reviews say. So do your research on your competitors and make content that reminds customers why to choose you in order for your business to stand out from the crowd.

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