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Introducing The NEW CryoBuilt Lease To Own Program

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

When you finally decide that you want to purchase a cryotherapy chamber for your business, choosing your equipment and deciding how to pay for it should be at the TOP of the list.

With our BRAND NEW lease to own program, you can lease any cryo chamber of your choice from our EVEREST line. This is our newest line of cutting edge fully electric cryotherapy systems. When cryotherapy was first introduced to the United States, the only real option was to use nitrogen tanks to achieve the ultra-low temps required for cryotherapy. Recent advances have allowed for safer and more efficient ways to provide cryotherapy, namely, using electricity to produce cold, refrigerated air, similar to a large freezer. Electric systems walk-in rooms that can hold 1-5 people and the air is safe to breathe.

Those who are currently using old-fashioned chambers with nitrogen are paying $3-6k per month in nitrogen costs and with our new lease to own program, we can get payments down as LOW as $2,000/month which makes upgrading a NO BRAINER!

What does this mean for you? You will earn your investment back + more! Essentially for $2,000/month you would be able to lease the PEAK model! The program also includes automatic enrollment in CryoBuilt’s VIP Protect Program.

The VIP Protect Program Includes:

  • Replacement parts & labor

  • Emergency overtime included

  • Expedited freight

  • Near 24/7 remote tech support

  • Nationwide coverage

  • Trained professional technicians

  • After hours support

  • Software & firmware updates

  • Priority handling

The CryoBuilt PROTECT program covers your electric whole body cryotherapy system from head to toe with service and support when and where you need it!

How are we different?

CryoBuilt's background in low-temp manufacturing and refrigeration service span industries from supermarket refrigeration to biomedical & food processing plants, to cryotherapy. We are a family company with deep roots in refrigeration and low-temp manufacturing that promotes from within and stands behind the products we build and support.

Our California R&D lab allows us to test new ideas and continually develop new products. We build our products ground up at our manufacturing facility in Sacramento, CA USA. CryoBuilt's team of highly trained technicians and support staff are always working hard to monitor and service our systems all over the country through our remote communications and nationwide service network. Our lease to own program is truly groundbreaking for the cryo industry. Contact us directly to get started!!

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