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How much does a Cryotherapy chamber cost?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

When considering investing in a cryotherapy chamber, there are many things to consider but one of most common questions is how much does a chamber cost? There are quite a few factors that can influence the cost of a cryotherapy chamber but the main one to consider is what kind of chamber you’re looking for. For this case we will explore the two main options on the market for whole-body cryotherapy, a nitrogen chamber and an electric chamber. Typically, you will spend more up front with an electric chamber, but the overall cost of ownership will be much higher with a nitrogen cryo system due to the fixed costs of nitrogen. Overall cost of ownership is actually a much more meaningful question when considering cost of a cryotherapy machine and one that can really help to calculate ROI (Return on Investment)

To put it simply, an electric chamber is ran using the power of electricity to cool the chamber and nitrogen is ran using liquid nitrogen to create the cool temperature. The upfront costs of these two types of chambers are usually significantly different. A nitrogen chamber can cost less upfront, averaging around $50,000+ as a rough estimate. Where an electric chamber starting cost is $90,000 and until recently averaged much higher around $180,000. A few important things to note, is while the cost of the nitrogen chamber is much lower, there are also operating costs to consider. With the nitrogen chamber comes the cost of the liquid nitrogen to run the chamber. Nitrogen cryo systems come with fixed costs per session and can significantly negatively affect profit margin. Keep in mind the cost of nitrogen will be an added expense for every session as long as you are operating the chamber. The electric chamber has a higher upfront cost but will cost you much less to run as you only need to consider the additional cost to your electrical bill, which is usually less than $20/day based on 10 hours of daily use of the chamber.There is no true fixed cost per session associated with electric cryotherapy chambers so it allows for easy scalability and increased profit margins as you grow.

Here at CryoBuilt we have been continuously innovating with electric cryotherapy systems and have the most efficient, cost effective, and reliable systems on the market. We have recently come out with a more affordable line of electric whole-body cryotherapy chambers, the EVEREST line. EVEREST is aimed at making electric cryotherapy more available for customers looking to upgrade from nitrogen and get rid of recurring costs as well as residential cryotherapy applications. In addition to the C1 & C4 Recovery Electric cryotherapy units sold through US Cryotherapy and the most commonly used electric chambers in the USA, The EVEREST line offers 3 chamber options with pricing starting at $90,000.

There is the PEAK chamber, the single room unit which is the most affordable electric WBC system on the market. The PINNACLE chamber, the dual room anti-chamber system. And the SUMMIT chamber, the multi chamber system that allows for 2X session capacity. All of these chambers in the EVEREST line achieve true cryo temps, have very low operating costs, and come with the ability to run using an app. The PEAK and PINNACLE system are also modular and allow for easy upgrades in the future. For more information on this line and pricing, click here:

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