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How Easy it is to Purchase a Everest Cryotherapy Machine

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

You’re in the market for a cryotherapy chamber, and you're deep in the middle of doing a ton of research because this is a big investment! By now you have discovered there is quite a bit that goes into this chamber purchase and you may start to feel a little overwhelmed by it all. We get it, and this is why we came out with our new line of electric chambers, EVEREST. Our goal is to keep this purchasing process as simple and efficient as possible. Yes, a lot goes into the process, but we have thought of it all and want it to feel pretty easy!

Calculating ROI

When it comes to running a business, one of the most important metrics is to keep track of your ROI. Keeping track of this is an indicator of how successful a venture will be. Big picture trajectory in your investments are what will keep you going. With the growing market of health and wellness and an increase in demand for cryo services lately, calculating ROI as a wellness business owner can be comforting as there is a lot of potential for fast ROI with our EVEREST chamber. That coupled with no significant fixed cost per session with electric cryotherapy chambers, only the cost of electricity which will run you about $10/day for a 10 hour run time, depending on your location.

Our ROI Calculator breaks down the different factors that go into your business regarding cryotherapy. Using your Chamber Cost, avg price you will charge per session, and amount of sessions you expect per day it will calculate your estimated annual revenue and days to break even. Our Financial Estimator also can determine your estimated payment if you were to finance it. Though this isn't a literal briefing of your quarterly earnings it is intended to give you a quick snapshot of what to expect and a piece of mind that your large investment in the chamber will pay off!

Try before you buy

Now that you have done your research on the types of electric cryotherapy chambers and found that EVEREST sounds like the right fit for your business, we recommend you try one of our chambers! We believe this is the best way to get a feel for what true whole body cryotherapy in an electric chamber has to offer, and we are pretty confident that once you get to experience it you will love it as much as we do! CryoBuilt has nearly 100 locations across the US and is growing at a rapid rate. It is more than likely there is a location near on either side of the Mississippi which carries a CryoBuilt chamber which you can try out before you buy one. We also have multiple chambers in our showroom in Sacramento, CA which we welcome customers to come visit us to try the EVEREST chamber and see our manufacturing warehouse here at the office. Feel free to reach out to us to get this visit scheduled!

Financing Options

We know that purchasing an electric cryotherapy chamber from CryoBuilt can be a major upfront investment for most. To help with this we have partnered with a few financing companies to give our customers some options. Brickhouse Capital, Macrolease Corporation and Navitas Credit Corp. You of course have the option of financing on your own, but we wanted to have these resources available for those who need a place to start. We always suggest reaching out to our partners and running the numbers to see your options as a starting point. Now of course, the more money put down the lower a monthly payment would be and for the manufacturing of your unit to start we do require a down payment. Just know that there are some options when it comes to financing your new chamber and we want this to work best for you!


Once you have decided on the EVEREST chamber, figured out the financing and got your deposit in, the next step is getting organized with our team and planning the install. It is important to note that lead time from the day you put a deposit down to install typically runs about 60-90 days, but this can be expedited for certain situations. A CryoBuilt staff member will then start the install process with you. Our Client Relations Specialist will first provide you with a Trainual link which will show you what to expect when getting your chamber installed, how to prepare for install on your end and also gives a tutorial on how to use the EVEREST chamber. Around the same time our Cryobuilt Project Manager will reach out to you and will brief you on what to expect for install, and get the timeline locked in. You’ll be required to fill out some forms which give us specifications on your install location so that we can prepare the chamber and install accordingly. They will be the point of contact for install related specifications with you going forward.

Given that everything has been prepped, the installation of your chamber will take around 4 to 5 days. We send our install team from our office to your location, and they are likely to arrive on Monday or Tuesday and will ideally have the chamber running by day 3 or 4. Once the communications networks have been set up properly in the chamber we like to start test runs coordinated with our CryoBuilt HQ Team. As these chambers will be monitored remotely 24/7, to run at its full capacity it is essential to have these lines of communications set up.

Chamber Warranty & Other Services

Protecting your investment is important, and these electric cryotherapy chambers are a big piece of equipment with many moving parts.This is why we started our PROTECT Program. All EVEREST chambers come with 2 years of our PROTECT warranty and these chambers are covered from head to toe with service and support when and where you need it. Being part of the PROTECT Program will ensure your chambers are protected after hours and will be covered with near 24/7 Remote Tech Support. We have a network of trained professional technicians nationwide who will service your chamber and make sure they stay up to CryoBuilt Standards.

Also, when you purchase an EVEREST chamber you will have access to a cryotherapy Sales and Marketing consultant Skyler Scarlett. With Cryobuilt, Skyler is focusing on teaching and educating cryo owners on how to sell wellness services, conversions, lead generation, B2B partnerships, pricing psychology, scaling and opening more locations, increasing revenue, cutting overhead, creating the perfect first-time experience for new clients, what services compliment cryo, and how to scale with a membership model.

Buying a Cryotherapy chamber can be a big step for you and your business so it is important to know what you are getting into. It’s a long term investment and there are many chambers and modalities available so it will help to choose the right one. If you are in the US, try to buy American Made as all products in this space are incredibly technologically advanced and finding a manufacturer that provides local warranty and service is paramount.

Again, we strive to make this process as simple as possible and hope to be of help when it comes to your whole body cryotherapy needs!

Best of luck and we hope to speak with you soon! Click here to schedule a chat with one of our Team Members!


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