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CryoBuilt partners with 2x Pro Bowler, Dallas Cowboy, Demarcus Lawrence

CryoBuilt is chilled to announce a partnership with Dallas Cowboys Defensive End, 2x Pro Bowler, Demarcus Lawrence!

As a professional NFL Football Player, Demarcus Lawrence has been playing at the highest level since 2014. A multiple time Pro Bowler who has already tallied 45.5 career sacks continues to thrive at the highest levels by taking care of his body. Demarcus values recovery as much as he values the grind necessary to succeed.

Originally from Aiken, SC Demarcus has gone from being an All American in Junior College to being an outstanding D1 Athlete in Boise State to then being the highest paid Dallas Cowboy in NFL history in April, 2019. Growing up with hard working parents Demarcus was instilled with principles of independence and grit. He knows what dedication and determination can result in. These principles and his laser focus to improve himself has been evident through out his football career and he continues to strive for excellence in every facet.

Demarcus resorted to electric cryotherapy to improve his recovery from an injury. His approach to cryotherapy began at the Dallas Cowboys training facilities. Because his timely return was crucial for the Dallas Cowboys's push for a championship aspirations he used electric cryotherapy as a modality for recovery, rejuvenation, and intense training. Demarcus returned back to his old self in no time.

"Cryo is a game changer. It changed my entire approach to recovery," says DeMarcus Lawrence. "CryoBuilt changed my life."

Demarcus is partnering up with CryoBuilt to spread awareness about the importance of whole-body cryotherapy and educate the sports world and beyond. He began the 2021 season with a league high 96.3 run defense grade and playing his best ever. He continues to use cryotherapy to improve his recovery process and also to keep him energized to spending time with his family.

Professional Athletes like Demarcus Lawrence trust CryoBuilt to recover and rejuvenate themselves but the best part is that these modalities aren't limited to state of the art facilities of Professional Teams anymore. CryoBuilt's Electric Chambers are readily accessible to working professionals, amateur athletes, and more. CryoBuilt is empowering consumers to take control of their wellness and recovery by using the same technologies that have historically only been available to professional athletes.

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