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CryoBuilt landed a SHARK! The “CryoShark”

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

As seen on Shark Tank, Skyler Scarlett will now be exclusively available to all PROTECT customers at no cost for consulting and lead generation!

The CryoShark: About Skylar

Skyler Scarlett is the founder of Glace Cryotherapy. He has been the owner and operator since 2014. Scarlett successfully sold his first cryo location Glace Carmel in 2017 and has not stopped since. In recent years he has partnered with billion dollar health club chain to open a second location, Glace Mountain View in 2018. He’s reached $400,000 in yearly revenue in only 420sqft with the Glace Mountain View location. Scarlett has sold OVER 1,000 monthly cryo memberships.

Skyler made 2 appearances on hit tv show ABC Shark Tank showcasing cryotherapy. He has done consulting work with over 50 different cryo owners across the world including; health clubs, gyms, chiropractors, physical therapists, doctors and IV drip centers.

He’s an award winner for small business in 2016 beating out 14,000 other small businesses. So far he has operated over 70,000 cryo sessions. He has been featured in Entrepreneur for "How to Sell" and Forbes, CNBC, ABC, Club Industry for consulting.

AND NOW Skyler who is focusing on teaching and educating cryo owners on how to sell wellness services, conversions, lead generation, B2B partnerships, pricing psychology, scaling and opening more locations, increasing revenue, cutting overhead, creating the perfect first-time experience for new clients, what services compliment cryo, and how to scale with a membership model.

This is available for our clients under the PROTECT program at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Cryotherapy has been used for centuries and is growing rapidly in popularity. Over the last several years, numerous cryotherapy “spas” have opened in the United States and, as of 2017, there were some 400 such spas operating cryo chambers (or cryosaunas) in 38 states.

With a booming industry like this, the Cryobuilt team wants to ensure that you AND your cryotherapy chamber are covered 100% under our famous PROTECT Program.


The CryoBuilt PROTECT program covers your electric whole body cryotherapy system from head to toe with service and support when and where you need it! If you decide to purchase one of our brand new electric cryotherapy chambers from our, EVEREST line you can enroll in this in this program. But what exactly is covered under this program?

  • Replacement parts and labor

  • Emergency overtime included

  • Expedited freight

  • Near 24/7 remote tech support

  • Nationwide coverage

  • Trained professional technicians

  • After hours support

  • Software & firmware updates

  • Priority handling

Cryo owners nationwide cannot get enough of Skyler! He truly wants to help cryo owners in an already booming industry. His knowledge and passion for cryotherapy do not go unnoticed, just check out these reviews:

"99% of the leads we have gotten through Skyler have turned into a membership. Even through Covid!!! It is seriously the best money spent." - Becki owner of The Ice Lounge

"My membership is up 150% since working with Skyler. In fact, my membership base has grown more in the past three months working with Skyer than it has in the past 4.5 years! Thank you Skyler!" - Cindy owner of N2 Cryotherapy

"Skyler's methods bring back old customers as well, and not only are they coming back but now they're coming back to join our membership." - Brian owner of CryoNow

Working with Skyler is possibly the best choice you could make for your cryotherapy business today. Contact us today to get started!

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