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Best Cryotherapy Machines

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

With the increasing popularity of Cryotherapy, there are several options when it comes to picking the best cryo chamber. So what makes the industry leading electrical chambers here at CryoBuilt the best?

To give you a quick idea, our California R&D lab allows us to test new ideas and continually develop new products. We build our products ground up at our manufacturing facility in Sacramento, CA USA, and we have been able to create an elite line of chambers that offer a variety of features and options that simply cannot be beat. With 70 locations currently CryoBuilt is the largest manufacturer of electric, whole body cryotherapy systems in the USA. We bring decades of manufacturing and commercial/industrial refrigeration experience and stand behind the products we build and support.

​CryoBuilt offers 5 different chamber options. We have the C1 & C4 chambers, which are currently on the market, and we just launched a new line, EVEREST, which offers the PEAK, PINNACLE, and SUMMIT chambers, offering a cryo chamber model for every price point! So what do these system offer that makes them the best?

Let’s review the leading features:

Fully Electric & True Whole Body Cryotherapy- Our fully electric cryotherapy chambers use freshly oxygenated cold air to cool the chamber with no risk of exposure to harmful gas. This means after it is installed, you don’t need anything more than electricity to keep the system running! Nice and simple! CryoBuilt systems are all safe to expose your whole body in the chamber to the freezing cold temperatures, you can achieve a greater body temperature drop and more of the benefits of whole body cryotherapy that are missed in partial body nitrogen cryosaunas. Interested in learning more about true whole body cryotherapy and it’s benefits? Check out our previous blog post “What is Whole Body Cryotherapy?” for the detailed information!

Safe- Let’s face it, the idea of going into an ice box that is negative 150 degrees can seem kind of intimidating! If your looking for a little piece of mind when it comes to cryotherapy, CryoBuilt can help! Again, you will not be exposed to any harmful gases in our chamber, just very cold oxygenated air which is safe to breathe in. And if the idea of being exposed to the cold too long or frost bite crossed your mind, you will feel better knowing our chambers are equipped with a safety alarm feature that requires someone outside the chamber to clear the session after complete, and if this is not reacted to it will cause the chamber to go into an emergency shut off, preventing any of those risks. And not to mention, our electric chambers have a safety database of over 1,000,000+ treatments with zero incidents!

Cost Efficient & Affordable Pricing- With the launch of our new line of cryotherapy chambers, EVEREST by CryoBuilt, we have the most affordable electric cryotherapy chamber on the market, starting at $90K! Yes an electric chamber may have a higher upfront cost than some nitrogen options, but will cost you much less to operate in the long run as you only need to consider the additional cost to your electrical bill, which is usually less than $20/day based on 10 hours of daily use of the chamber. There is no true fixed cost per session associated with electric cryotherapy chambers, so it allows for easy scalability and increased profit margins as you grow (think ROI). Check out our ROI calculator here to see for yourself

Proven Systems – CryoBuilt currently has 70 locations nationwide that house our electrical chambers and over one million successful cryotherapy sessions provided. One of the best ways to measure whether a session is successful is by running a skin temperature test. You measure your skin temperature on your upper arm before entering the chamber, and then again immediately after exiting to see the change and drop in degrees. Our systems average a skin temperature drop of 30-40degrees in just 2-3 min consistently, which ensures your achieving true whole body cryotherapy. Interested in trying out one of systems to test this out yourself? Reach out to us and we will get you connected with a location nearest you!

Remote monitoring & Consistent Service Nationwide- Something else truly unique about CryoBuilt (besides our chambers of course) is the service behind them. All of our chambers come with one-year standard warranty with the ability to remotely monitor and access your system to be able to provide you with the best support. Beyond this we offer a Gold standard program, the PROTECT program, that covers all expenses and care for your electric chamber bumper to bumper, for the life of your system, with best in class service and support when and where you need it! What does this look like? Replacement parts and labor, emergency overtime and weekend labor, expedited freight, 24/7 remote tech support, nationwide coverage, trained professional technicians, after-hours support/monitoring/troubleshooting, software and firmware updates, VIP priority care, full access to CryoBrain app and most importantly, piece of mind! Protecting your investment with industry leading, nationwide service and support!

Full Control Over Your System- The CryoBuilt EVEREST line of chambers gives you the ability to take full control over your system with the CryoBrain app! Everything you need to run your system all in the palm of your hand! Along with the basic capabilities needed to run your system, the app gives you the ability to adjust the wind speeds in the chamber to give you the best results and comfort during the sessions ran. You get to set the mood by selecting the music you want during your session for a subzero dance party complete with a light show! The EVEREST line is also a modular system, so later when you have a high demand decide you want to upgrade your PEAK chamber to the SUMMIT to accommodate more chamber sessions, you can easily do so!

Did this spike your interest? Want to experience the best chamber yourself? Great! Reach out to schedule a visit to our showroom here at CryoBuilt or a location near you. Looking for more information on our systems? Feel free to send us a message.

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