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5 Reasons You Need To Purchase An EVEREST Cryotherapy Chamber Right Now

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

We're all about wellness lately, eating healthy, exercising, and well of course, RECOVERY! As the largest manufacturer of electric whole body cryotherapy systems in the United States, we’re introducing one of the MOST ADVANCED cryo chambers in the game. EVEREST is the newest line of cutting edge fully electric cryotherapy systems from CryoBuilt. Now, you may be asking yourself, do I need a new chamber? The answer is, YES! Ask us about our special PRE ORDER DISCOUNT . We can provide you with excellent financing options so you can really “WOW” your consumers and beat the competition!

LOW Operating Costs

It’s important to consider the costs associated with adding cryo to your existing business or when budgeting for a new chamber. Our latest innovation has made the EVEREST line of chambers affordable for any business and they’ll maximize your return! Operating costs are only about $15-20/day or $1-$2/hour! And the best part is you don’t have to worry about buying nitrogen because these chambers are electric!

Our Interactive app puts the control in YOUR hands

2020 is all about customization! With the EVEREST, you’ll have the opportunity to control your own settings according to your preference. The interactive app can easily be accessed, giving you professional-grade control like temperature, schedule, duration, wind speed, light colors, music, and more! We can also alter the size and orientation of any system to fit your location. Our Everest line is fully modular ready. This means you can upgrade your Peak to the larger Summit model when you’re ready!

Fully Electric w/ no nitrogen or need to refill ANYTHING

Not only is electric cryotherapy more effective, but it’s also safer than machines that use liquid nitrogen. While liquid nitrogen cryotherapy fills chambers with hazardous gas in the treatment area, electric walk-in cryo rooms are filled with oxygen-enriched air. Nitrogen increases the risk for forced air burns on the skin and uneven cooling on the body causing extreme discomfort. Our chambers use a TRUE Cryo Temperature of -130 to -160F+.

We use a cooling system that allows a highly oxygenated air emersion to cool the entire body during the cryotherapy treatment. This process eliminates the need to use hazardous gases such as liquid nitrogen. Whole-body immersion (including head, neck, face, and arms), is critical to facilitate a uniform drop in skin temperature, and necessary to stimulate the brain’s reaction to cooling the skin.

Automatic enrollment in CryoBuilt PROTECT Program

We want to make sure you’re COVERED this Summer when you receive your brand new Everest chamber. By pre-ordering your chamber today you will automatically be enrolled in our PROTECT program. The CryoBuilt PROTECT program covers your electric whole body cryotherapy system from head to toe with service and support when and where you need it!

  • Replacement parts & labor

  • Emergency overtime included

  • Expedited Freight

  • Near 24/7 tech support (4am-7pm pst)

  • Nationwide Coverage

  • Trained Professional Technicians

  • After hours support

  • Software & Firmware Updates

  • Priority Handling

Cryotherapy is booming and scaled to grow. Professional sports teams are now moving towards cryotherapy to replace ice-baths as a superior method of recovery. Individual athletes from Olympians to NBA superstar LeBron James are purchasing cryosaunas for personal use. Reserve your spot now with, EVEREST.

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