COVID Relief Program

CryoBuilt will remain open and operating all service program functions throughout this difficult time to ensure all systems remain online. We will continue to troubleshoot any issues that arise to keep your systems running and healthy. Many have been forced to temporarily close your business, resulting in loss of revenue. We will assist with the system shutdown and will continue to monitor the system to ensure health throughout the shutdown and be here to help you get running again as soon as you are ready

Locations that were forced to shut down and will be severely impacted by financial loss of income are eligible for relief of your service program costs. We are previously offered qualifying locations to apply to waive service program costs for the month of April. If your business is still shut down or you just need some extra help, we are currently offering locations to apply for deferment of May Payment. Deferred payments will be prorated over the rest of the year.

CryoBuilt's priority is always to keep all systems healthy and running properly forever. That priority extends to our many location owners and we are happy to help provide some relief during this financially difficult time.

Our thoughts are with everyone as we navigate this difficult time together. We will overcome this and be stronger than ever!

Defer payment

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