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CryoBuilt manufacturers all cryo chambers in the USA with industry leading performance, service, & support. Browse our current models to find a fit for you. Be sure to contact our team for updates and more detailed product info!



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The EVEREST RIDGE is the newest, fully electric cryotherapy chamber by CryoBuilt. The RIDGE features the most evenly distributed cooling and fastest recovery time on the market. A single room, multi person cryo chamber with many features and comfort settings to produce the most comfortable and personalized cryotherapy session available. The EVEREST RIDGE can be customized with various features and performance levels to meet your budget. The fully loaded RIDGE comes with its own app and touch screen kiosk to allow clients to personalize the time, intensity, LED light color, and immersive bluetooth music. With absolutely no nitrogen needed to produce ultra low temps, the EVEREST PEAK can run all day long costing only $5-$10/day in electricity to run. Each session with produce a comfortable, enjoyable, and customizable, 30-40+ degree skin temp drop in 2-3.5 minutes! Choosing a cryo chamber has never been so easy!


  • Fully electric with no nitrogen or need to refill anything
  • Run 100+ Sessions/day!
  • 1-2 clients per session
  • Single chamber with 4.6' x 3' footprint and only 8' tall (additional space will be needed for companion components)
  • True cryo temps of -166F+
  • Rear mounted cooling with dual fans
  • Most evenly distributed cooling available on the market
  • Fastest recovery between session available
  • Heated windows to maintain clarity (can add privacy screen)
  • Adjustable comfort levels for customized cryo sessions & results
  • Choose from 8 different LED light colors each session
  • Immersive Bluetooth music inside the chamber connected to Spotify or your preferred music source
  • Clients can choose their own music and use their own devices inside the chamber
  • Interactive kiosk app puts control of system in your hands
  • Ability to allow clients to run their OWN sessions!
  • Low operating costs of ~$5-10/day*
  • Automatic enrollment in CryoBuilt PROTECT program
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